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7 Tips for choosing wedding photographer in Connecticut.

1. Research and Portfolio: Look through Conencticut wedding photographers' portfolios to assess their style and expertise.

2. Reviews and Recommendations: Check reviews from previous clients and seek recommendations from friends or online communities.

3. Meet in Person: Schedule meetings with potential photographers to discuss your vision and ensure you're comfortable with them.

4. Budget Consideration: Define your budget early and find a photographer whose wedding pricing aligns with your financial plan.

5. Experience and Expertise: Choose a photographer with experience in weddings, as they understand the dynamics and can handle various scenarios.

6. Communication: Ensure clear communication with the photographer regarding your expectations, timeline, and any specific shots you desire.

7. Contracts and Rights: Review the contract thoroughly, understanding rights to the photos, delivery timelines, and any additional costs.

7 Tips for choosing wedding photographer in Connecticut

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