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Engagement photo locations in Connecticut

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Connecticut offers several beautiful locations for engagement photos. Here are a few suggestions of engagement photo locations CT.

1. Waveny Park (New Canaan): Known for its stunning rose gardens, this park provides a romantic backdrop for photos.

2. Harkness Memorial State Park (Waterford): With its elegant mansion, gardens, and waterfront views, it's a picturesque setting for engagement shots.

3. Gillette Castle State Park (East Haddam): The castle's unique architecture and the scenic Connecticut River make for a captivating setting.

4. Lovers Leap State Park (New Milford): A picturesque bridge over the Housatonic River provides a romantic spot for photos.

5. Mystic Seaport (Mystic): This historic maritime museum offers a charming coastal atmosphere with ships and historic buildings.

6. Wadsworth Falls State Park (Middletown): The waterfall and wooded surroundings create a natural and serene setting.

Remember to check for any permits or restrictions at these locations and consider the season and time of day for the best lighting.

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